No. 2023 – 9

Dear you,

Another new, fresh newsletter with a nice piece of news, a new blog that is online and from now on I will pay more attention to intuitive writing in the newsletter. This will be very practical and I will make sure it is exciting, fun and inviting. I’m not a big fan of giving information myself, but I’m more practical about filling it in. Experience by doing! So I would like to invite you…but first:

From now on I also offer coaching (only in Dutch). In a coaching process I walk with you a bit. I listen, I give back, I reach out. In the process I will use intuitive writing as a method, where you will receive assignments and exercises that match your personal situation. This coaching process will mainly consist of doing and experiencing. It may differ from regular coaching or the image you have of it. You already own all the wisdom, knowledge and answers. I can help you to remember it (again) through intuitive writing and associated assignments and exercises.
From August 21, 2023 (week 34) I will start coaching.
Do you know someone where coaching and intuitive writing are a good combination? Please share my website and/or social media (at the bottom of the newsletter you will find all social media links). Sharing = kind!

Do you want to know more about my coaching process? Then click here

A new blog is online again. In the blog I take you to the world of intuitive writing. There are different entrances / forms to go into depth. In this blog I use an image. From the image I associate and thus go into depth. I also invite you with practical tools to get started yourself…
You can read the blog here

In every newsletter I give you a writing assignment. In this way you will become acquainted with intuitive writing, but also the pleasure of it and I invite you to explore your own inner world. In addition to pen and paper, you can find a nice, quiet spot. Inside or outside, at home or somewhere you like to go (forest, beach, lake, etc).

The assignment is in line with my latest blog: visual writing. Take a look at the photo above: the flirtatious leaves.

  1. Start describing the picture, from observation and without judgment (so literally describe it). What do you see? (description of the image, the colors).
  2. After the description you can ask yourself the following question:
    – What thoughts do you have with the photo?
    – What feelings do you have with the photo?
  3. When you look at the photo again, what symbolism/associations do you see?
  4. Examine your thoughts and feelings by looking at the depth and underlying / underlying feelings. Ask yourself the following questions:
    – Try to link the symbolism/associations from question 3 to your inner world. What does the symbolism/associations mean for yourself? Can you link this to your experiences, your personality, your thoughts and/or your feelings?
    – When you have certain thoughts, what feeling do you get?
    – Do you feel that anywhere in your body? Where and how does that feel?
    – What do the feelings want to tell you?
  5. What else would you like to say? Keep writing until you run out of writing.

Very curious what you thought of the assignment. Please let me know by sending a message.

Dear you, thank you for reading this newsletter!
Until next time and have a beautiful, magical day and Summer!


Margreet – Soul writer