No. 2023 – 7

Dear you,

Received the previous Soul writer newsletter almost a month ago. I have not forgotten about you, on the contrary…I just want to add something of value in every newsletter. Words that are valuable from my deepest. However, somehow, it doesn’t work for me. Still not… Despite the fact that it flows a bit less and is less inspirational, I did record and write a nice new Soulstory for you. Below you will find the link.
Furthermore, despite everything, I am busy navigating and stepping out of my comfort zone when I watch Soul writer. You can read more about this later here…

I will honestly admit that I really had to find my motivation for this newsletter. What can and may I give you? This thought and several thoughts don’t help me. So I surrender to it. It is what it is, yet I want to stay in touch with you and I can only do that by being honest and open from my heart. It is with this intention that I am here, right now. I think that’s valuable enough. That being in the here and now is ok, with all the trimmings. No flames and perseverance for a while. But just experience the moment as it is. Heavy, sad, insecure, unstable. Also searching, floating, ping-ponging between my head and heart.

By allowing the feeling, I embrace the dark in me, making it lighter again. Literally and figuratively. I share it with you and I shine the light on it. Isn’t that what we should be doing more? Don’t dwell in the past, don’t dream about the future, but just be here? And think it’s enough as it is now?

We can work hard to turn the negative thoughts into positive ones. Which I often try. But right now I’m too tired for that and what’s wrong with me having negative thoughts? My fear is that I will get caught up in it and swallow it up, an experience I’ve had often enough, yet I know that tomorrow is another day and I can feel very different again. Turning the negative into positive can backfire. Because by only trying to live positively and from light, you don’t make the dark lighter. You have to look at the dark, feel it and let it be. Which will slowly make the dark lighter. That’s healing!

There is another new Soulstory. Determine a Soulstory about your own rules of the game and from there connect you from heart to heart. You can read it here 
Here is an experience of the Soul writing group training:

How valuable the Soul Writing training was!
I have gained insights into my personal growth and step by step I am getting closer to myself!
I find self-love quite difficult, but because I started writing, I started loving myself again!
Nice to have you as a coach.
I feel seen and heard with you and you gave me tips and advice from your pure self and that gave me energy to continue when I felt the resistance for a moment!
Thank you sweetie!

And also:

Margreet follows your path during the Soul writing training and that is so nice! I felt seen and heard with her, she was really there for me, she also listened to me and that gave me a safe feeling. It felt to me that I could be with her with my light and dark sides.
Margreet is a pure, pure, beautiful and sweet person!

Wonderful words and so grateful that I can walk along with others in this way!

A new group training will start on September 4, 2023.
If you don’t want to wait until September 4 or if you want more individual and personal guidance, you can start immediately.
Click here for more information about the group and 1 on 1 Soul writing training. Only in Dutch!

In addition to the Soul writing training, I am also working on setting up a personal 1 on 1 coaching trajectory. Here you will work with a theme that you are currently working on. Intuitive writing will be central with relaxation exercises and creative (writing) assignments. Keep an eye on my website and newsletter for more info!
Yesterday I got another sign to go in a certain direction with Soul writer. In addition to the adults I am currently focusing on, I will also focus on children and teenagers. Our future! I’ve always worked a lot with kids and an attraction to them (and vice versa).
An idea has been waiting for me for a while, but I still feel some resistance. I have now learned that I can do it right. So…I’m going to set aside time writing for kids. I’m not going to tell you more about it, since it hasn’t taken on a solid shape yet. But as you know by now, I like to share my ideas…#tobecontinued
Dear you, thank you for reading this newsletter!
Until next time and have a beautiful, magical day!


Soul writer