Welcome to a new Soulstory. A story that may arise on its own. An adventure, not knowing where to go…Will you come with me?

Yes… I had already figured out where I want to go with you… but just like last time, this Soulstory has something else in store for me and therefore for you too.

When writing a Soulstory I sink down… grounded… and I am going to write, and now tell you, what I want to tell from my deepest depths.

There is a lot of hustle and bustle in my head and it flies in all directions. I want to tell so much, but then again I don’t. Words want to get out, but do not yet have a form and perhaps not yet the right intention, energy.
That’s OK. I can let go of that more and more and surrender to it. Because I’m learning by now when I’m not in a flow, it’s a waste of my energy to dig and want.
I especially look and feel where there might be some space and where I can share something with you in a different way. And sometimes there is nothing to share at that moment.

Yesterday I was walking, my daily 1-hour evening walk, and finally some energy came flowing into me again. So sorry I forgot how that happened so I know for next time. But it doesn’t work that way, at least not for me. Because that head, my ego, is going to reason it out…

Energy started to flow and ideas and plans popped up again. I got a bit ‘stuck’ with my business and its visibility. My intention and direction is clear for my business: Soul writer. Namely from my heart and inner compass. That is the ‘only’ condition I set myself. The form, the process, the end goal is not yet clear.

Quite exciting to sail this way, sometimes floating and coming in the middle of a storm, a compass that is out of whack.
Besides finding it exciting, I also love having this form of freedom. Freedom in which I can make the rules. It is a great adventure and game, but from a positive and pure intention.

A game in which there are no winners and losers, but a game that I want to play with you for the fun. But also to bring out the best in each other, where you can be yourself from unconditional love.

I am now thinking of a game that I regularly play with my youngest: game of the goose. My youngest, Indy, is 4 years old. So sweet: he always says ‘I hope you win!’ At first I always told him: ‘that it doesn’t matter and that I hope he wins’. Now I receive his love and I say: ‘thank you’.
Lately I’m “winning” and Indy thinks that’s ok. Some children, but also adults, find winning and losing very difficult, which can be really difficult, but Indy allows the other person so and can be really happy for the other. A beautiful example of unconditional love, thinking in abundance and being in contact together.

Ok, back to the game of the goose. When my pawn is there at the finish. Shall we continue playing the game, together, until Indy is there too… I can then roll the dice for him and he takes the steps with the pawn. And it often happens that it takes more than 15 minutes, sometimes almost half an hour, until he also reaches the finish line. In between, sometimes I and sometimes Indy get some frustration. We look at each other and I ask him: ‘do you want to continue?’ To which he says emphatically: ‘yes!’ We keep going and what a nice and good feeling to end up together at the finish.

The game of the goose is a beautiful symbol of life. And in this example, it’s not about winning and losing. We are both winners in our own way and we help and encourage each other to persevere.

After all, aren’t you a winner when, despite everything, you reach the finish line? And then regardless of where and when that finish line is. I realize that life on earth demands a lot from you…
Everyone will be served their heavy fare sooner or later. Some in small portions spread over life, some a large portion. Some take those portions in silence, some share.

In any case, let’s never judge someone’s portion and never compare someone else’s portion to yours. Because your portion is not someone else’s portion. And sometimes you don’t see which portions have already been eaten.

What we can do is see the other. Beyond all portions, beyond all judgments, beyond all feelings, beyond everything… Really see! Seeing other people’s hearts from your heart.
The intention, the energy will be palpable to the other when you connect with the other from your heart. It is then not important at all to talk about earthly matters, because that is our face, our ego.

Often we feel uncomfortable when there are silences and then fill it with words. Meaningless words. Discomfort is your ego. This will make you lose connection with the other. And we become two individuals talking past each other. Words are not necessarily superfluous, don’t get me wrong. But to really give substance, to make a connection from intention, you will first be allowed to connect from heart to heart.

When that connection is established, the words will also come to the other with this energy. The words then have value, without value judgment from unconditional love. And the words you say are words that matter. You then only say what is valuable and no bla bla bla meaningless. Then you will not use words too much, which hang in the air and which do not reach the other person.

The heart is such an important organ, but above all an important center of being human.
A human being is a herd animal. A person is a part and also wants to be part of a group. Part of nature, of the earth.
How often do you feel lonely and alone? Even though you are part of something so much bigger… Maybe that’s why you can feel very lonely.
Loneliness is your ego. It is the rules you made or the rules used in a group to play this game. When these rules don’t actually fit with you: your heart and ego are not in balance, loneliness can be a result.

As soon as you become aware of your freedom, become aware of your heart’s desires and your truth, you can choose to come up with other rules. Rules that match you more and are inlign with your heart and soul.

It’s not easy to change the rules. Especially rules that the majority applies. But what is more important to you? Following the majority with the rules that you actually don’t find ‘fair’, ‘pure’? Or rules that you determine yourself and that are made from your heart: your pure heart?

Remember: this life, your life, is your game! You get to set the rules! Once that’s from your heart, from pure, pure intention, that’s totally okay and right!
When you hurt the other person with that, that is a part of the other person. Because originally you cannot hurt the other from unconditional love, from heart to heart. Unconditional love is pure, honest energy!

Once the other person gets hurt by your choices, your rules, then the connection is not completely heart to heart. There is a power failure. With the other. You make a connection from your heart, but the other reacts from ego, from his or her own frame of reference and therefore interrupts the connection from heart to heart.

Right now it is difficult and a great challenge to connect from your heart. I often don’t succeed either, because it is such an automatism to respond, to respond directly, from your ego. Your head thinks everything about it, but also fear, distrust, sadness ensures that you lock your heart for the other.
But you are the one who can change this. Only you!

My business gives me the chance to play with these new rules. To be able to practice connecting from my heart. To navigate with pure energy on my inner compass. Confidence and surrender about whatever the route will be.
The next step for me is to play the game more, or actually less rules, in my family. Less parenting, fewer rules, more connecting from heart to heart.
My heart is also sometimes locked, of which I can’t find the key and turn it around.
My beautiful children, are my mirrors, my school. Once you see life more as a game, you can start looking at it differently. And rules are sometimes there to be changed.

My kids recently played a new game. They did not know the game and came up with the rules themselves. How beautiful is that?
Adults often think they are bound by rules, because that’s how it’s always been played. It can be so liberating to realize first of all that we have rules and that we stick to them and second that you can come up with new rules. Rules that suit you better, which are in line with your heart and soul.

Since life is a game, you don’t have to suddenly throw all the rules overboard and come up with new ones. Sometimes you are aware that the current rules do not suit you, but you are not yet sure which rules you do want.
Play with it. See where you get stuck. Choose a safe, learning environment. Maybe your heart tells you where to set your priorities.
Don’t be too strict, but dare to take the first step.

You don’t have to change the rules to change it. But change the rules that don’t feel right for you. For example, when you feel bad, when you feel lonely, when you feel angry or rebellious, when you feel injustice.

Start with 1 firm rule: be and stay true to your heart! Then you come a long way. Find the other from your heart. You will connect with the 1, not (yet) with the other. Find your equals in it! Because you are not alone and you don’t have to be lonely. Because from unconditional love there is no loneliness, only connection, only one.

Thank you for joining me and I look forward to meeting you again at the next intersection!