No. 2023 – 10

Dear you,

The summer vacation is still going on for some and for others, like here, it’s coming to an end. Summer is also coming to an end. One more month and then autumn will start. Yet here in Sweden there are already the first signs of autumn. Beautiful large mushrooms here and there between the bushes and small mushrooms in a circle in the grass. The days are also getting shorter. But the summer energy is still palpable and present. And the monthly theme ‘energy’ fits in nicely with that. Because from now on I will introduce a theme every month, matching the season in question. You can read more about this in this newsletter, and there is also a new Soulstory online. I will also take you behind the scenes of Soul writer. You will also find a new writing assignment, this time a creative writing assignment.

In my Soulstory and also on my social media I connect my content to the monthly theme ‘energy’ and the newsletter will also connect to it. The themes are related to the relevant season. Energy is very appropriate for summer. Energy in the broadest sense of the word: warmth, positivity, passion, action…

Summer really means action. The seeds you sowed in the spring have grown and are in full bloom. The sun gives off its heat and light to the flowers, but also to us. The days are longest in the summer and receive as much energy as possible that way. It turns us on! Also because of the amount of light, everything seems more beautiful, brighter and more positive. The summer and the sun really have an effect on nature, so also on us. We are much more outward looking, literally and figuratively. In the summer time there is also much more flirting and it is not for nothing that there are more summer loves and that is really not just because we are more scantily dressed. The energy also interacts with these actions. Because of the positive energy, people also shine much more and therefore more attractive to someone else.
The great thing would be that we can hold onto this energy and take it with us to the remaining time of the year. Partly, because as you will notice in the course of the year, there are advantages to the other energy that the other seasons bring. However, the positive vibes of the summer would be a nice basis in terms of mindset and vision of life…

The flame in us… a drive for life. No life without flame. The flame is our life energy. The flame will always burn within us as long as we live.
The flame is our life energy. It takes us where we need to be. In the Soulstory ‘A flaming argument’ I take you with me…You can read the Soulstory in English here

In addition to blogging and writing Soulstories and providing training and coaching, I am developing a workshop, which, it seems now, will be given in the fall. The workshop (only in Dutch) will introduce you to intuitive writing in a playful, creative way, where images will be the entrance. It’s fun, accessible and relaxed.
In a few hours I will take you step by step with assignments to the depth, to start writing with yourself. You will also receive an extensive workbook in which extra information will be provided (in the workshop I will provide as little information as possible, so that we have time for the practical and fun part).
Additional and in-depth assignments will also be included in the workbook. I am already, while developing and writing, very excited about it and already have a new idea for another workshop 😉 to be continued…

In addition to in-depth and investigative writing assignments that focus on your inner world, you also have creative writing assignments in the Soul writing training. Intuitive writing is also about fun, relaxation and creativity. Creativity asks to color outside the lines, to go out of your comfort zone: “nothing is crazy, everything is great” is my quote.

Your inner child is addressed in the creative writing assignments, which plays an important role in writing with yourself. How then, you may ask… Your inner child is the uninhibited, playful child. She has the creativity and play, which in turn provides relaxation and brings you closer to yourself. Everyone has a child in them and you never lost them, just maybe you started to pay less attention. So your inner child is very important in a piece of healing from your childhood. Ok, I can tell a lot about it, but I’m going to give you a nice and fun assignment.

Make an elf with the monthly theme ‘energy’. An elf is a short poem and, as the word suggests, consists of a total of 11 words.

This is the order:

two, three
four, five, six
seven, eight, nine, ten

What can help to make a poem, but also when writing a story, to write down short keywords for yourself in response to, for example, the question: “What does ‘energy’ mean to me?” Or associate with the word ‘energy’. Since energy is a broad concept, you can narrow it down. You can get something out of it based on the associations. When I think of ‘energy’, I think of ‘passion’, among other things. And also by asking yourself the above question, you already make it smaller and more concrete.
Remember: fun is the most important thing, so the process and not the end product.

Nice if you want to share your experience and possibly the elf with me! Let me know here.

Dear you, thank you for reading this newsletter!
Until next time and have a beautiful, magical day and last weeks of Summer!


Margreet – Soul writer