Welcome to a new Soulstory. A story that may arise on its own. An adventure, not knowing where to go…Will you come with me?

With fire in her eyes she can make you melt
sinking to the depths of her soul
With fire in her eyes she can make you burn
smoldering to the dark of the earth

The warmth of her heart allows you
yearning for more
The coldness of her heart rejects you
frozen dripping

With light steps she steps out of her comfort zone
positive and meaning in life
She stands still with a heavy burden
fighting for life

With her flame lighting your flame
for better or for worse
Her flame extinguished, closed to love
no spark for ignition

Her energy contagious to you
enthusiastic and playful
Her energy contagious to you
reverse and short circuit

The flame in us… a drive for life. No life without flame. The flame is our life energy. The flame will always burn within us as long as we live.

There will be times when the flame goes in all directions like fireworks. Unpredictable, like a loose cannon. Untamed and uncontrolled. Angry and over other people’s boundaries. Aggressive and selfish.

Sometimes the flame will seem extinguished. In dark periods, where even the flame no longer lets the light shine. Cold and chilly. Lost, almost wanting to give up. Tired of fighting, fighting for life. Want to flee. Passive, slumped and heavy. Sad, lonely. Victim and suffering.

Yet, as long as you live, there is that flame. No matter how small it is, no matter how little heat and light the flame gives. Always…

The flame provides the drive. The drive to keep going, to persevere. The courage to get up and walk on. The desire for a good life. To see the value of life.
The confidence that something good and positive will come our way. Knowing that we are strong and powerful and that no one can extinguish that flame…

The flame is our life energy. It takes us where we need to be. When I think of the flame, I think of our intuition, heart and soul. Heart and intuition together form our inner compass, with the captain as soul.
I have written a very clear explanation for a new workshop that will come in the fall… I explain the difference between heart, intuition and soul.

Your intuition is your hunches, the ‘voice’ whether something is right or not, the so-called ‘gut feeling’.
Your heart represents emotions and feelings that do not come from your ego. The unconditional love, the passion. The so-called ‘my heart is full of love’, ‘heart-warming’, ‘my heart is jumping’, but also ‘my heart is shrinking’.
The soul is ‘neutral’ and has a complete peace and acceptance about it. The soul is the core or source of all inner wisdom. Your true self.

Your heart and intuition are connected to your soul. Your soul ‘communicates’ through your heart & intuition. They are your inner compass and your soul is the captain.

Together they form your inner world. Your heart and intuition connect energetically with your soul. They help translate it into this physical world to follow your life path and live your mission.

When I write this flaming speech, it also burns quite a bit in me! Once that flame burns, you level with your soul. In this case, the words flow, I’m typing from ear to ear with a smile. Enjoying how everything comes together. You are in a so-called flow. At least that’s how it works for me. Yet I dare to say that experiencing a flow is synchronous with your life from your soul.

That’s how energy works. You radiate energy and can ‘infect’ someone else. It works both ways, in the sense of positive and negative energy. That’s why it’s important to make the vibes as positive as possible. To let that flame burn, so that you can light other flames with your flame. And yes, of course you don’t just have to be happy.
This week a nice quote from Positivevibes came by on my instagram feed, which I also shared. I’ll share it here again:

“Being positive doesn’t mean you’re happy all the time. It means seeing obstacles as lessons. Everything that happens to you happens for a reason. When you overcome those obstacles, you learn the lesson.”

When I read this, I not only thought of the lesson you are learning, you are also a positive example for someone else. By showing your true face, by being yourself, with all the trimmings, is a positive example for someone else.

Despite the fact that I regularly have my own ups and downs, I increasingly believe in my own strength: my own flame.
Because of my sensitivity I experience everything intensely, both positive and negative feelings. It’s part of me. I always experienced that as difficult and also that I will first have to be positive and completely healed to do what I do now: provide training and coaching.
Now I know and feel that it is just ok and a strength to be as honest and open as possible in life. In this way I hope to invite the other to do the same: be yourself! And live your life from your true self. Without masks, experiencing humanity in its entirety.

As I said before, the flame takes us where we need to be. And that’s right here: this moment! Not in the past, because you are no longer the same person you were yesterday. And not in the future either, because you don’t yet know who you will be tomorrow. Here you are now: you!

The past and the future only keep the flame burning. You have grown and in all your dark moments have kept the flame burning for the little bit of light that gave you safety. The future which dreams and desires warm your heart, which gives you confidence.
With the experience of your past and hope for your future, you keep that flame burning. It is your life energy!

The past burns
in her memory
memories fade
heal wounds
with time,
the time that brought you here

The torch lights up
your path
dot on the future
sparkle hope
with time,
the time that brought you here

Thank you for joining me and I look forward to meeting you again at the next intersection!