No. 2023 – 12

Dear you,

In this Soul letter I reflect on the monthly theme of ‘letting go’. And, as you may be used to, I have a writing assignment for you.

It sounds so cliché when I say that the weeks are flying by. That’s the only way it really feels to me.
All ideas that are simmering for Soul writer. However, I can start setting priorities here with the limited space/time I have in addition to a young family and being a full-time mom. Some great plans can be put on hold for a while.
Then the next question is: what is my priority and what can be parked? New ‘headaches’ again 😉

In that respect, letting go is such a beautiful and current theme and not only suitable for the coming autumn season. Because we could really let go a little more and learn to separate main from side issues. Letting go of the ‘side issues’. Focusing on the main issues and perhaps setting priorities there.

Because I immediately think of ‘multitasking’. We believe that we can multitask. Yes, maybe, but how efficient is it really? And the quality? It will be at the expense of something. It is better to focus on 1 task and complete it properly. And then check: check off. On to the next one. And, I don’t know about you, but I love to-do lists and then being able to check them off.

Letting go of the ‘side issues’… What are side issues? First of all, you can decide for yourself what gives you energy (and yes, some things ‘must’, but that is not nearly as much as you think).

What makes you happy and is important to you? These become your main affairs, or actually ‘heart affairs’. Focus on that, you can let go of the rest (side issues).

Last week I placed my first, official, online advertisement on social media. How proud and welcome I am of that, if this is your very first Soul letter, and thank you for finding me! Because yes, I need you. Necessary in the sense of living my mission and passion. And I don’t just need you: we all need each other!

My vision is to make the world a little more beautiful together with all kinds of bright spots. We bring these bright spots into the world, each in our own unique way. So that every point of light is lit by another point of light to ultimately illuminate the entire world.
My passion is to be with my light and love, from authenticity and pure love, where I am a source of inspiration for others to also be from light and love themselves.
Together with my vision and passion, it is my mission as a Soul writer to help you heal, creating space to open your heart and start living from your soul. This will allow you to let your light shine more and more.

If you think more people should know about Soul Writer, feel free to share this with others (via social media, word of mouth). Super sweet if you want to help me expand my network and especially nice if you follow me on social media (links can be found at the bottom). In addition to inspiration and information, you will also get insight into my private life. I’d love to meet you there!

In this Soul letter I will give you a writing assignment in which you will write in an in-depth phase. Last time (September 8, 2023) you explored the theme of ‘letting go’, now you can go into depth here. If you would like feedback on the process of intuitive writing, no problem. Feel free to share it with me!

  1. Grab a pen and paper, make it easy and pleasant for yourself. Find a place where you can write undisturbed. Create a nice spot with a candle, incense, music or silence, cup of warming tea or coffee, glass of water… do it by feeling.
  2. Before you start writing, it can help to focus on your breathing. Breathe in through your nose and out of your mouth a few times.
  3. Below are a number of questions. You can write these down for yourself or keep them in your head while writing. Find your own way about it. You can also practice choosing one thing with this assignment and choosing the other the other time. Experiment, so you learn what suits you.

– What can you let go of now?
– Why do you want to let this go?
– What thoughts and feelings do you have when you think about letting go?
– What lies beneath these thoughts and feelings?
– What is your fear/resistance to letting go now?
– When did this fear/resistance arise?
– Do you know a situation from your past with this fear/resistance? Then write this out
– To what extent does this fear/resistance help you in your current life?

When you come to the conclusion that it no longer helps you, you can let it go.
You can write this down for yourself, by saying thank you (because it once protected you from something) and telling you that you are letting it go.

“Thank you fear/resistance for protecting me in the past, now I don’t need you anymore: I’m letting you go!”

You could also write this sentence on a piece of loose paper and burn it in a fireproof dish. Maybe write it on a piece of paper and give it to the wind. On the beach in the sand and the waves take it away…
Or… think of another beautiful ritual to let go.
A ritual provides extra strength/intention to let go.

Intuitive writing is a process and requires you to go into depth step by step. So don’t be too hard on yourself! Everything you already know is a win and one step closer to yourself!

Very curious about your experiences!

Thank you for taking time for the Soul letter! This was the last English edition. So sorry! You can still read the blogs in English. Hope that you stay, but wish you anyway: the best! Thank for your support & maybe until next time.

Have a beautiful, magical day!