No. 2023 – 4
Dear you,

Here is finally the Soul writer newsletter again. It has taken a little longer than planned. I’ll tell you the exact reason below. I will also tell you my new plans following the pilot of the Soul writing training.
You will also read, or rather hear, my very first Soulstory. Proud to be able to tell stories in this way. As a newsletter subscriber you will receive free MP3 downloads of all Soulstories and you will also receive a free MP3 download of the ‘Every day meditation’. A gift for all (new) newsletter subscribers.
You are important and valuable to me. Thanks to you can get even more out of Soul writer. Thank you!

After a very high peak of flow and action orientation, I came into a dip. There were personal matters, but also patterns that were aimed at my company and business management: Soul writer. I became aware of this and was able to climb out again. The motivation was completely gone for a while, I literally blocked. I had no inspiration and I couldn’t get into the flow. I had to make space and let go of my planning. Again making a covenant with myself, namely that I conduct business from my heart. From softness, leniency and the natural rhythm, no planning can compete with that. This business runs on intuition. The message I convey may be equal to the energy and radiance I give it.
This gave me a lot of space and I allowed my frustrations and my patterns from softness. It started to flow again… I was able to continue with renewed energy and a reduced pace that suited my natural rhythm and cycle.

With a small, intimate group I am on the road for a few weeks with the Soul writing training. What a wealth and so valuable. Valuable for future Soul writers and for me. I came to the conclusion that, also here within the training, I can make more time for the in-depth study and themes. Quality is above quantity. A nice insight!
This means in concrete terms that I will expand, supplement and split the training. Part 1 ‘From the outside in’ and part 2 ‘From the inside out’. Both training sessions will last 6 weeks. Of course I will keep you informed in the newsletters.

It’s a fact: the very first Soulstory is on YouTube and social media.
I am very proud of it. It is a nice addition, but also enriches a story. I worked on it with pleasure and a lot of energy. Curious what you think.
As a newsletter subscriber you will receive a free MP3 download. If you prefer the video on YouTube, no problem here’s the link.

As promised you will receive a free download of the ‘Every day meditation’. Listen to this relaxing, nice meditation anytime, anywhere for less than 5 minutes.


Dear you, thank you for reading this newsletter.
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Soul writer