No. 2023 – 11

Dear you,

We are in the first week of September, the month of the beginning of autumn. A new month also means a new monthly theme: ‘letting go’. Below in this Soul letter (formerly: newsletter) you can read more about this…
On September 1, I posted a new blog, with a heavy, but also beautiful and open topic: letting go of life. I also have an update on dates/scheduling moments of the Soul writing training 1 on 1 and the coaching process.
And then conclude with a writing assignment that fits the monthly theme.

This Soul letter and the next Soul letter (published on September 22) have the theme of ‘letting go’. Letting go in the broadest sense of the word.
In my socials (Instagram and Facebook) I post daily about the theme of ‘letting go’. ‘Letting go’ is also central to my blogs and Soulstories. At the bottom of this webpage you will find links to various socials. Nice if you follow me!

Letting go, I think it’s incredibly beautiful, but also an important theme. Letting go is quite an art, a challenge. As humans we want and like to hold on, because it is familiar and kind of safe. We want to stay in control with what we (already) have, because what if…What if we let go, what happens then? With us? Will we fall down hard? What do we get in return?
Letting go is a fear for many. Fear of the unknown. Even though you know that the current situation does not help you or is even heavy and makes you unhappy. Deep in your heart you know it’s time to let go…but… Something is holding you back.

What if the Universe has your best interests at heart? We often think that it is our own fault or that we are being punished for mistakes we make that we live our current life that you may not be completely happy with or your traumatic past.
Believe me, and deep in your heart you know, the Universe only wants you to live the most beautiful life. And yes, that includes lessons, which are really not fun, but you only grow from them and come out stronger.
And letting go is part of that! Surrender, trust that it will only get better and better! Follow your heart & intuition, feel what no longer serves you on your path and let go…

In this personal blog I describe my views on suicide. My experiences about the choice of letting go of life. After reading this blog, I can well imagine that some things can come to you… Just like with you, it affects me too. Still, I think the light should be shined on this. Despite the heavy, difficult subject, I hope that it can inspire and/or heal you…

In this Soul letter I will give you a writing assignment in which you will write in an investigative phase. Next time (September 22, 2023) I will go into depth with you. If you would like feedback on the process of intuitive writing, no problem. Feel free to share it with me!

  1. Grab a pen and paper, make it easy and pleasant for yourself. Find a place where you can write undisturbed. Create a nice spot with a candle, incense, music or silence, cup of warming tea or coffee, glass of water… do it by feeling.
  2. Before you start writing, it can help to focus on your breathing. Breathe in through your nose and out of your mouth a few times.
  3. Below are a number of questions. You can write these down for yourself or keep them in your head while writing. Find your own way about it. You can also practice choosing one thing with this assignment and choosing the other the other time. Experiment, so you learn what suits you.

– What meaning does ‘letting go’ have for you?
– How do you let go?
– Does the method of letting go differ in different situations?
– What have you been able to let go of in your past? How did you feel about that? What was your loss and what was your gain?
– What could you let go of now?
– When you think about what you can let go, what thoughts and feelings do you have about it?
– What would happen if you let go of matters, things, people, thoughts, feelings, etc. that no longer serve you at the moment?

These were the questions for now. Feel free to continue writing whenever you feel the need. And it is okay if you cannot and do not want to provide all the answers to the above questions. Next time you go to the floor and the answer may or may not come. That’s good too!

Intuitive writing is a process and requires you to go into depth step by step. So don’t be too hard on yourself! Everything you already know is a win and one step closer to yourself!

Thank you for taking time for the Soul letter!
Until next time and have a beautiful, magical day!