No. 2023 – 8

Dear you,

How happy are you? And to what extent are you aware of how you actually feel? There is a link between them. Namely awareness. Awareness is a first step towards unconditional selflove and a happy life. Today I consider the question ‘How are you?’ and in my latest blog you can read about how self-evident a happy life is.
With the Soul writing training there will be attention for awareness, the first and most important step, and you will take a few steps towards a happy life. The latest e-book introduces you to the training. You will find the download link further down…but first…

…“How are you?” And then automatically reply with “Good”, “Okay, thank you” and then directly: “How are you?”
Do you recognize yourself in that? Direct answers and always a positive answer. Briefly and then a question in return.
Or do you answer the way you feel? ‘Not so good’, ‘Could be better…’ and then immediately: ‘…but how are you?’ Honest, short and focus on the other person.
Or do you not respond immediately. You check in with yourself, answer honestly and dare to let the silence be.

Nothing is ‘right’ or ‘wrong’. However, it is interesting which form of interaction you use. And maybe you use different forms of interaction with acquaintances, friends, family, family.
To what extent do you really check in with yourself and are you aware of how you are actually? And answer consciously. I can imagine that you don’t want to give honest and sincere answers to all people. And that is a choice you make. It is more important that you are aware of your own feelings and condition and that you can make a choice about what to answer and to whom.

How can you know how you feel? That can be quite difficult and very uncomfortable. When you get up in the morning, in addition to your morning ritual of waking up, getting dressed, eating, you can also consciously reflect on how you start your day. How you feel. This can be done in the mirror or during a meditation. But also just sit in silence and focus inwards. It can help to ask yourself the question: ‘How do I feel?’.
In the beginning it can be difficult or impossible. Don’t give up, make it a ritual by integrating it daily. When that becomes easier and easier, you can check in with yourself as soon as you are on the toilet, have a break or another time when you are alone.

It may be easier in the beginning to possibly use a color, such as one of the three colors of a traffic light or a random color that represents a certain emotion. Maybe you need an image/symbol. Everyone has their own preference or more strongly developed sense… The point is that you can give it a meaning and that you become aware of how you feel.
You can increasingly do the moments of checking in and also with others. Build it up and take small steps…

A new blog is online again. The last one was in March, so it’s high time for a new one. The blog is about happy. To be happy. A happy life. What’s happy? And especially how can you create that? How obvious is happiness? Here you can read the blog. 

Here is an experience of the Soul writing group training:

What a journey of discovery the Soul writing training was!
I have learned to write freely with great regularity. Based on the themes I have been able to take all kinds of steps on my way to myself.
I ran into boundaries and resistance and then there was Margreet who lovingly gave a nudge in the right direction. Her feedback has always surprised and motivated me.
In addition to being very enjoyable, I found the live sessions very valuable. You learn so much from each other, there is so much recognition.

Margreet, thank you for this great training, thank you for the loving and stimulating feedback, thank you for you, nice person!

So grateful to be part of someone’s piece of exploration! Nice to help others to remember and heal themselves. Thank you, dear C., 75 years old.

And as you may see: age does not matter, only investment in and commitment to yourself.

Sorry, only in Dutch:
A new group training will start on September 4, 2023.

If you don’t want to wait until September 4 or if you want more individual and personal guidance, you can start immediately.

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Until next time and have a beautiful, magical day and Summer!


Soul writer