No. 2023 – 6

Dear you,

In the previous newsletter I told you about the unrest in the world, including in our inner world, and that peace has returned somewhat. Well, that was short-lived. I keep swinging back and forth in energy. Ups and downs follow each other in rapid succession. One moment I’m stuck in my ego and I’m pessimistic and the next moment I feel light, full of surrender and I’m very optimistic. I find it intense and ‘trap’ in it again and again. I may learn to move with the flow and build a foundation from myself that will not affect the storms around you. Making choices again, but from your heart and intuition. This period asks to do this even more… For me it was a very nice subject to record another Soulstory.

Very curious how you feel and to what extent you are aware of all the energies around you. But we’re going to do this together! Help each other when you see someone struggling and to find the balance. Helping by opening your heart to the other. To listen, to hold. Try to be there for the other without words. Only in energy from light and love. There are already enough stories in this world, the head is full. The stories can go out, the head can be emptier. We can teach each other in a different way. From heart to heart…

In the latest Soulstory I take you on a journey to unconditional love. A foundation that you can build within yourself. I don’t want you to miss my Soulstories because they are in Dutch. That is why you will find the full text of the Soulstory part 2 here.

The moment this newsletter arrives in your inbox, I have my final preparation of the very last ‘live’ of Soul writing training. Oh how proud I am of my first trainees and of myself.

I told in my previous newsletter that I am looking for a new format for the Soul writing training.
I have decided to offer the training in its current form for now, both as a group (max. 5 people) and 1 on 1. The prices are for the group: € 199 and for 1 on 1: € 249.

The Soul writing training is such a valuable and wonderful training. It’s a shame to wait and especially now in this time of changing energy Soul writing is a very nice method to get started with your foundation of unconditional love.

The next training starts Monday, April 17. You can register for this training no later than Wednesday, April 12.
For more data, information and registration, please visit Soul writer.

Dear you, thank you for reading this newsletter!
Until next time and have a beautiful, magical day!

Soul writer