No. 2023 – 5

Dear you,

Spring has begun. The energy is increasing. Nature starts up again and turns from the inside out. Just like with us. Somehow this period, this coming spring, is even more intense than previous years. Nature has not changed, but we are changing. The nature in us. Energetically tangible for many, consciously or unconsciously. It bothered me. I felt angry, sad, alone, but also trust, unconditional love and positive.
There is a change of energy, both on a collective and individual level. Now, since the start of spring I feel more lightness in my body, head and heart. The tone has been set.

In the blog I write about the changing energy: the transformation. You can read the blog here.
I am also inventing a new form for the Soul writing training. A shape that suits you, but also suits me. A process of brainstorming and fine-tuning. I’m not learning to plan right now, just a dot on the horizon where I’m allowed to go.
A totally new way of doing business. Entrepreneurship is new to me anyway, but the image I have of ‘entrepreneurship’ is shifting from ‘hard’ to ‘heart’. I will tell you that it feels very free and nice to be in it in this new way.

Also for you, you can create a new way of life, so not just doing business. A wise one from your inner compass, from your heart!
Especially in this moving world today, the art is to move from peace, tranquility and love. Your core is so important. Your core is your only anchor. The rest is variable, capricious, uncertain.
Create your eye in the storm. Let that storm rage around you. You have no influence on that. It’s there and it hasn’t blown over yet. The only way to get through this is to watch it all from the stillness, the eye of the storm.
You are your anchor. It is what only you can influence. Only there you have complete freedom: inner freedom.

How can you anchor this anchor? How can you survive in this world? How can you move along without it costing you energy or being sucked down or empty?

– follow as little news as possible through any medium
– work on self love and self compassion
– choose yourself
– connect with nature and follow her in her cycle
– be grateful
– find the silence through meditation

Make your world smaller, using the above points. I’m probably missing a few. The idea is to go from the outside in. Let go of limiting thoughts/feelings such as selfishness, loneliness, lack. Think wealth, abundance, together. We can really only be there for others when you can feed yourself with love and wealth. And energetically we are already connected anyway. So there is no selfishness or lack or loneliness. That’s our own story.

We may learn to stand in this world in a new way. And that means letting go of our old self. From ‘hard’ to ‘heart’.

I don’t want you to miss my Soulstories because they are in Dutch. That is why you will find the full text of the Soulstory part 1 here.
Dear you, thank you for reading this newsletter!
Until next time and have a beautiful, magical day!

Soul writer